Training Assignment

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Training and Development Project

A3 – Transfer of Training

Pre Training (text pages 297-298)

1. Liaise with Management…they will
decide who should attend
readiness to learn/trainability
trainability tests
increase the employee’s motivation to learn
meet with employees to discuss training needs
get employee input and involvement
provide employees with support for learning and training (time to prepare and attend)

2. As the Trainer
ensure that you are using the instructional design model
ensure both the trainees’ supervisor/s and trainees have met to discuss training and are prepared find out supervisor and trainee needs and expectations

3. Trainees should
find out about training programs prior to attendance.
meet with supervisor to discuss training program and develop action plan for learning and transfer prepare for training program

During Training

1. Management should
participate in training programs if possible
attend training programs before trainees attend
reassign employee’s work while they are attending training

2. Trainer should
incorporate conditions of practice, adult learning principles, and other learning principles in design include content and examples that are relevant and meaningful

3. Trainees should
enter training program with positive attitude and motivation to learn engage themselves by activating participation
develop an action plan for application of training on-the-job

Post Training

1. Management should
ensure trainees have immediate and frequent opportunities to practice and apply what they have learned encourage and reinforce trainees’ application of new skills develop action plan with trainees, show support by reducing job pressures and workload, arrange practice sessions, give promotional preference to employees who have received training and transfer, evaluate employees’ use of trained skills on-the-job and recognize and acknowledge transfer success.

2. Trainer should
help trainees anticipate barriers and figure out how to cope with them in advance have trainees prepare and commit to a performance contract for transfer of training skills on-the-job conduct follow-up or booster sessions

stay involved in training and transfer process by conducting field visits to observe trainees used of trained skills, provide and solicit feedback, and provide continued support

3. Trainees should
begin using new knowledge and skills on-the-job asap
meet with supervisor to discuss opportunities for transfer
form a “buddy system” or network of peers for support
consider high-risk situations that might cause a relapse and develop strategies for overcoming them and/or avoiding a relapse. set goals for transfer and use self-management

A4 – Evaluation of Training Using Kirkpatrick’s Model

The Four Levels of Training Evaluation: (Text Page 330)

L1. Reaction – did they (participants) like it? (better known as smile sheets) L2. Learning – did they (participants) learn it?
L3. Behaviour – did they (participants) apply what they learned on the job? L4. Results – did this training have a positive effect on organizationaloutcomes?

A. Reaction

this is the measurement of trainee reaction, perception or satisfaction of the course. it is used most frequently because it is the easiest to administer, collect and analyze administered at the end of a training program to capture participant satisfaction regarding the course content, the facilities, the trainers, the methods, etc. - in longer courses, may also be used at day’s end


validity and reliability – there is no significant relationship between enjoyment /positive ratings on a response sheet and trainee performance – the trainee can be entertained, but the actual process of learning involves change and change can be uncomfortable and arduous trainers are often rewarded for personality and energy, not the amount learned even though reaction sheets are not reliable, management...
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