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Career Development Plan Part 2 – Training and Mentoring Program Kendra W. Boyd
HRM – 531 Human Capitol Management
June 14, 2010
Brian Frank – Facilitator/Instructor

InterClean-EnviroTech Training and Mentoring Program
Training and Mentoring Needs
As stated in the memo that was distributed to the management staff on May 31, 2010, it is the responsibility of our management team to make sure this merger continues to take place as smoothly as possible. Management is also responsible for making sure we give this sales team every possible resource and tool to be productive, efficient, and successful. To make sure this is accomplished, we will conduct a needs analysis to ensure we are offering training in the most pertinent areas. We will address all four levels in our analysis; Organizational, Demographic, Operations, and Individual (Cascio, 2006). Organizationally, will help us identify where training is most needed in the sales team. Our demographic analysis will help us to determine the needs of our sales staff at all levels, whereas our operations analysis identifies the content of our training – what an employee must do to perform competently. Finally, our individual analysis will help us determine, after training has taken place, how well each employee is performing the tasks that make up his or her job (Cascio, 2006).

In the very near future, we will have a list of training being offered along with individual forms, we are asking for those forms to be completed and turned in within five business days, so we can begin planning our training schedule. We are no way saying that we don’t have the utmost confidence in the abilities of our sales force, but as we merge, we want to make sure to merge the strengths of both sales teams into one dynamic sales force. We want to capitalize on the areas of expertise that each person brings to this team and we want to enhance the knowledge of our newly expanded product line made available through the merger. We will be training our entire sales team, seven associates, to include our management team. A corporate training as well as specified training for all management will be conducted. We will begin with a general training session to make sure all sales representatives have the background information and product information about the company and also address any questions or concerns anyone may have. Subsequent training sessions will be offered quarterly to make sure all sales representatives are abreast of products and services offered as well as other information as deemed necessary by the needs analysis. We will have in-house training as well as facilitators that will be contracted from the outside, to come in to offer training for more specific training as needed. Objectives for Sales Representatives Training

Our main objective as stated in our job analysis, is to produce a dynamic, knowledgeable, customer service oriented sales team. Our objectives will address both task-work and teamwork skills (Cascio, 2006). We will make sure each sales representative will be knowledgeable in the following areas; •The sales team must be knowledgeable about the company, its products and services as well as to apply properly the knowledge to understanding and diagnosing client problems while offering feasible solutions. •All representatives will learn how to utilize the information systems made available for properly managing appointments, schedules, necessary paperwork: e.g. weekly reports, expense sheets, effective presentations, demonstrations, etc. •We will aggressively train all associates on sales techniques, negotiating, and, closing the deal. •The sales team will learn the importance of building relationships with customers which will aid in the retention of customers and establishing a strong customer base. •Sales representatives will enhance knowledge in the areas of locating prospective customers, obtaining and following up on inquiries from...

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