Training and Education

Topics: Competence, Skill, Four stages of competence Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Education and training are very important in the healthcare field. For many employers, it is a basic requirement in order to get your foot in the door. Majority of employers, especially in the healthcare field, require college level education. This also includes roles that previously did not require it, for example an administrative assistant positions.

The more years of education a person has had, the more doors are open to them. A quick and easy way to compress down the field of applicants is to have educational requirements. Employers are more likely to choose candidates who have completed a higher level of education when they are hiring from a wide variety of applicants. Education is even more important in the healthcare industry. Technology, as well as math and science are top components of many healthcare roles. Many healthcare careers usually require the knowledge and understanding of the sciences and technology. Fields like these are changing and growing new developments and discoveries at a fast pace. It is necessary to have a basic understanding to build on while continuing education throughout your career, this is to help keep up with the latest changes and new information. Training is important in the healthcare industry because it enables individuals to be in control and manage any situations that may happen. Training can also help analyze and plan what needs to be done and reflect on how to adapt to anything that arises.

Measuring competencies is important in healthcare because it ensures that all employees are competent to perform their assigned jobs and responsibilities, as well as making sure to meet performance standards. Competence from all staff is assessed before employment, during the orientation period, and at least annually afterwards. By having a well-defined job description and the use of appropriate competency assessment tools, it goes a long way in attesting that competent providers are recruited to start with and that through...
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