Training and Development (Hrmt 70019)

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Topic: Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis - Definition and Interpretation
Needs analysis is a process which identifies gaps or deficiencies in employee or organizational performance. •Needs analysis, also known as Needs Assessment, is the most important step in the training and development process. •The text book refers to it as a “formal process of identifying needs as gaps between current and desired results, placing those needs in priority order based on the cost to meet each need versus the cost for ignoring it, and selecting the most important needs (problems or opportunities) for reduction or elimination.” •It gathers information from key people within the organization, such as, the organization, jobs and employees to identify the problem i.e. the difference between the way that work is being done and the most cost effective way of doing it. Think of it as a formula: NEEDS = REQUIRED RESULTS – CURRENT RESULTS

Needs analysis identifies, prioritizes and selects needs that will have an impact on internal and external stakeholders.

Needs Analysis: Process and Steps Involved (please refer to chart on page 2) •Needs-analysis is a process that consists of a series of interrelated steps. These are further explained on page 3 of this presentation.

There are three levels of needs analysis, namely:

1.An Organization Analysis
2.A Task Analysis
3.A Person Analysis

The Needs-Analysis Process(Figure 4.1 page 101)


YesNo Terminate

Consult Stakeholders

Collect Information

Organizational Analysis Task Analysis Person Analysis 1.Strategy1. Identify Target Jobs 1. Define Desired
2.Environment2. Obtain Description 2. Determine Gap
3.Resource Analysis3. Develop Rating Scales 3. Identify Obstacles 4.Organizational Context4. Survey Incumbents
5. Analyze and Interpret Information
6. Provide Feedback

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