Training and Development at Cadbury India Ltd, Delhi

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Topic of study:
A comprehensive study of Training & Development programs that has been carried out by Cadbury India Ltd., Delhi.

Rational behind the study:
Training plays a vital role in effective functioning of any company. The efficiency and productivity of worker working in an organization not only depends upon the skills they possesses or working environment, they are working in, but also depends upon the policy of the company of providing training to the employees according to the demand of the job. There remains a gap between the demand of the job and skills of the worker. This gap can be patch up by delivering effective training and development programs. The workers get the better opportunity to improve themselves and as a result to enhancement of the productivity of the organization.

So it is most important for every organization to provide such training to the employees for development of their skills as well as knowledge related to the job, that will fulfill his own requirement of learning and the requirement of the organization and achieve the organization goal too.

Objective of the study:
i.The main objective is to study the training and development activities carried by the Cadbury India Ltd. ii.To study the training procedures provided by the company. iii.To evaluate the effectiveness of training programs.

Methodology of data collection:
i.Going through the records:
I would like to go through relevant files and the company has carried out documents from where can get an idea about the different types of training and development that.

ii.Preliminary discussion:
In this regard at the outset, I would like to talk about the training and development in charge to enquire for the identify the needs of training and development programs at present scenario.

iii.Feedback from the employees through the interview and written questionnaire.

For evaluation the effectiveness of training and development programs I would like to take feedback from employees that how much they get benefit from that programs. At last I would like to take suggestion for future improvement.


Successful candidates placed on the job need training to perform their duties effectively Workers must be trained to operate machines, reduce scrap and avoid accidents It is not only workers but executives and supervisors who need training as well in order to enable them to acquire maturity of thought and action Training and development constitute an ongoing process in any organization Training thus means to turn members into productive insiders It is the second step after recruitment, screening and selection The principles of learning make training work ,thus how a person learns should be the guiding principle in explaining how a person should be trained Thus training requires Practice

Motivation to learn
Thus training is systematic and intentional basically involving the felicitation of the learning process Further training enhances three broad classes of skills Motor skills: manipulation of physical environment based on certain patterns of bodily movements Cognitive skills: acqusitional of mental and attitudinal functions Interpersonal skills: enhancing interactions with other people

No organization has unlimited resources, so training has to be done on the basis of identified resources in three phases : 1. PRE TRAINING
-Clear understanding of the situation that calls for more effective behavior 2. TRAINING-
- Implementing the effectiveness in behavior
-The management has to handle a person who is more confident, post training A lot of adjustment is needed on both sides

The legend called Cadbury
1824 – A once business was opened in 1824 by a young Quaker, John Cadbury, in Bull street Birmingham was to be the foundation of Cadbury Limited, now one of the world’s largest producer of chocolate. 1831 – By...

Bibliography: BOOK NAME AUTHOR
Human Resource Management Dr. N.K. Chadda
Training & Development Dr. P.N. Singh
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