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Wilhemenia M MaxeyTraining and Development


Professor Marcus Payne
Trinity International University

summary of Greater Mount Pleasant mb church
Greater Mount Pleasant MB Church was set out to accomplish our God-given guiding forces of our guardrails as our core values. They are the pillars of our church that keeps us on track to reach our god ordain purpose of a fellowship of believers. We are committed to Evangelizing the lost and unchurched (witnessing). Equipping believers with essential tools for ministry, enabling them for lives of service (Outreach), Edifying the body of Christ so that they can grow into mature Christians (Discipleship), Exalting the Savior (Worship), Encouraging one another (Fellowship) The organization culture and its impact that GMP has on the roles of leaders are in developing success leadership training and development programs, that is a learning organization that has been passionate about reaching the lost, raising mature believers, and releasing them for a live of service to impact this earth for the kingdom of God.

This learning module is intended to teach leaders the skills necessary to design, developed and implement a training program. This is a full-term module comprised of 10 units. It is anticipated that one unit is completed each week in two class periods, with class periods ranging from 50 to 90 minutes each. The module is segmented into five parts. Part one, Introduction to Training and Development, is completed in the first class period. Part two Understanding the Organization, begins the second-class period for the first week and runs through the completion of unit two. Part three, Training Design and the Learner, is the longest segment, starting at unit three and running through unit seven. Units. Eight and nine comprise the segments on conducting the Training and the last unit number 20, concludes the module with Evaluation and Return on Investment. The basic structure of the class follows the method of instructional design. Audience

This learning module is appropriate all leaders. The module learning objectives; the leaders of the auxiliaries will learn to analyze the members of the auxiliary by conducting a needs assessment to determine the training and needs of the organization, by developing learning activities that incorporate their learning and methods of experiential learning, develop a training budget, conduct a training program, evaluate the training program in light of the training objectives established in the needs assessment process and the strategic goals of the organization; and analyze the organization’s return on investment for the completed training program.

part i: Introduction to training
Unit 1: Introduction to the Class and Overview of Training and Development The first unit introduces basic information regarding training and development (T&D) and discusses how T&D has changed since business began to recognize the value of human capital and started placing more emphasis on employee training. Employees should be introduced to the group process model because they will be assigned to a group project for the duration of the training. By the end of this first unit, leaders should have established their groups they will use for their training project. Unit 1: Learning Objectives

By the end of Unit 1, Leaders will be able to distinguish the difference between training and development, summarize factors that have changed the emphasis of training in the organization, actively participate in a team project; identify an organization for application of their team project. Unit 1: Leaders Project

In the training session Leaders will work with a group of three to four members to develop and present a training module to the group. Groups will be formed during the first week of the training, and the first assignment is to select an organization for the...

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