Training and Development

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Training and Development
November 11, 2013

Training and Development
Training and development is vital to a health care organization's mission, vision, and values by establishing a foundation of efficient workers and staff to provide the necessary care to patients. Training and development are essential components of any organization's success. This is especially true for the health care organizations because their mission, vision, and values are usually related to providing quality service. Training and education is important in the Long Term Care because it determines the kind of care provider will deliver. The education that is received starts with dedication from the long term care provider. Education is a dynamic part of the healthcare provider’s career plan after the initial schooling; rather it is graduate school for administrators, technical school for support staff, or medical school. Continued trainings is very important to stay abreast of the current certifications or licensure no matter what the role is played in long term care; normally there will always be a need for additional training even if it is just a refresher course. Along with official medical trainings it will also be important to stay up to date on company policies so there will be a need for compliance and policy updates as well as continued education trainings (Garrett, 2009). Competence is the outcome of education and training. Measuring competence is valuable and important in health care so that health care organizations can ensure they are recruiting individuals who are able to perform their duties and responsibilities to the very best of their potential on a daily basis. Although it is “a precursor to doing a job correctly, measuring performance periodically is also crucial to determine whether providers are using their competence in their work” (Kak, Burkhalter, Cooper, 2001). Competency is unique, important and fluid within healthcare organizations. Providers need...

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