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Train The Trainer At The Running Room

By racshack Jun 28, 2015 314 Words

Train the Trainer at the Running Room
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1. What do you think about the train-the-trainer approach to training used at the Running Room?  What are the advantages and disadvantages? I think that the train the trainer approach that is used at the Running Room could be a really great way of training, but I also think it could have many downfalls. If the trainer is well educated in the area of communication, interpersonal, organizing and planning skills as well as being able to deliver the training in an understandable manner, the train the trainer approach could be extremely successful. If the trainer is not proficient in these areas the approach will surely fail. Advantages

-Provides enhanced skills and knowledge
-Provides mastery of skills and knowledge and skills transfer -Cost effective
-Internally controllable
-means of training a large number of trainees
-Dependency on in-company trainers
-Training may be delayed due to schedule of trainers (may be busy with other work obligations) -Skills transfer may transfer skills that are not ideal

2. As the company grows and expands, do you think it will have to change its' approach to training and development?  If so, how should it change? I do believe that the company will have to modify its train the trainer approach slightly. I think they will need to have employees that are in charge of training as their job. Instead of having employees (managers) that train new employees, they will have people specifically in charge of training new employees as well as designing the training program to deliver to them. These people that are in charge of training should be employees that used to be managers with the organization or subject matter experts. This will allow for the train the trainer method to occur as well as not taking time away from managers to fully train employees.

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