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A late Friday night in Chicago, Illinois and three best friends got together like any normal high school student would do on a Friday night, playing games, eating junk food, and watching movies. After so long the three friends became bored and decided to look for something else todo. Once Beans came up with the idea, the other two friends jumped right along and thought it was a good idea. Juice knew his mother wasn’t going to let the boys go out that late at night. After ten minutes of Beans and Scoot bugging him about going to ask his mom, he finally built up enough courage to go ask her if they could go, But as Juice expected, his mother said he and his friends couldn’t go just because of the simple fact it was too late and too foggy to go anywhere.

Juice went back upstairs where Beans and Scoot waited for him. Juice told them that they aren’t allowed to leave at all tonight.Scoot, the fearless one, came up with the idea of just sneaking out once Juice’s mother goes to sleep. Beans spoke up and stated that he thinks they shouldn’t go through with this plan, but having both Juice and Scoot on board with the plan he had no other choice. He felt but to follow them. They plotted out how they were going to go about sneaking out. After they came up with how they were going to go about their plan, they grabbed two flashlights so they knew where they were going since it was so foggy outside. By this time it’s 12:45 and they wanted to get back inside at a reasonable time.

Once they got outside, they all agreed not to turn any flashlights on until they were at least a block away from juices house. Beans kept telling both of them that he didn’t feel comfortable about doing this at all, they brushed him off and just told him he is being a scardy cat.After a solid 15 minutes of walking, they finally reached the train track. Juice turned around just to be sure nobody saw them enter the private property, Juice felt a weird vibe being there and thought he saw a weird...
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