Topics: Hero, Light, Thing Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: November 5, 2013
1. content tells a complete tale that includes all required details (setting conflict, modern monster, hero, with both heroic attribute & human weaknesses, and the defeat of the staid monster).mechanics : uses complete sentences, paragraphing and correct spellingbasic requirements: at least two pages long, typed, double spaced, 12-point font, and one-inch margins

long black train
by Simon Berghoef
English 9b
5th hour

darkness is like a long black train. You can hear it coming and it still frightens you. But there can be only one person to over come it and that is yourself. It takes courage to do what you know frightens you. Darkness is like a disease; it can over come you in a instant or take a long time. The long black train was following and death was driving. It has been chugging the whole time. Keeps getting closer and closer almost as if it had been imaginary. I could see deaths glowing eye out the window staring at me watching and waiting. Waiting for me to run. It had been following all day and the only thing that cold destroy it would be a rocket launcher. I would light up the train and make everything bright and full of happiness. It would derail the train and make so I can see what happened. It was 1944. I had been hiking all day after the battle that me and the 101st airborne had fought. We had taken the town of Carentan. It had been a year since I had been in England but it felt like 100 years. We had been shot at numerous times while we had been securing the town and it had been a stressful 2 weeks. There was a railroad that ran through the town. Had heard a radio broadcast, that said there is a black coal troop transport carrier that was headed back to Carentan to take it back. We could not let that happen. Me and four other men took a bazooka and three or four shells. We had headed up the railroad about 4 miles. When the train comes e would stop it before thay could reach the town and do to much damage. The train had been...
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