Topics: Brain, Brain tumor, Cat Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Thatcher Berends
Professor G
Nov 12, 2012

When Tragedy Occurs

A fun, exciting life filled with a bunch of friends and family. That is exactly what Zach Beyer was experiencing during his freshmen year of college. While balancing his school work with finding time for friends and family was difficult even for Zach. During high school Zach had maintained a 4.0 grade point average while balancing both soccer and track during his senior year. He had another brother Nick, and a sister Mackenzie. His parents both married in there early 40’s. Life couldn’t be more perfect, having fun at college while maintaining good grades was a piece of cake for Zach. It wasn’t until on December 28, 2011 that all of this would change. His mother had been sick the prior week and was still feeling a bit under the weather. Not thinking too much about it Zach proceeded to go out with his brother. While they were gone Zach’s mother Karen started to have what was thought to be a stroke, thankfully his dad Nick was there to aid Karen. Nick rushed to the phone dialing 911 in a speedy manor. He was connected with an operator as he began to tell them the problem, after hanging up he knew an ambulance would be rushed to his house immediately. Moments later they arrived proceeding inside the house, Karen was on the couch not responding to anyone. The ambulance tec thought she was experience a stroke and was rushed to Holland Hospital only to find out it was much more harmful. Shortly after arriving to Holland Hospital Karen underwent CAT scans to reveal the more devastating news. Receiving the CAT scans back the doctor looked at them carefully, almost as if he was decoding a script. He told us that Karen would have to be taken to Spectrum Health Care in Grand Rapids. She was transported to Spectrum to have more CAT scans done to find out the problem. The doctor in Grand Rapids was the first to tell us the news....
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