Tragedy View from a Bridge

Topics: Love, Tragedy, Character Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Ebony Palmer
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Have you ever been in denial with yourself about an emotion that can not only bring damage to yourself or to others around you. Eddie's whole existence in the play was self denial. What he did not understand or even try to comprehend most reader's knew, even predicted. In “A View From a Bridge” there is a definite lack of recognition for Eddie's love for Catherine for the most part of the story, I will say that there is both recognition and self denial all in one, they play into each other. I disagree with Aristotle who says , that in order for a play to be tragic the main character has to have a self recognition. That Is the reason do consider this play a tragedy because he main character kept on trying to avoid even the subject because his unconscious was fighting with him to face the truth. “Fences” was more of a tragedy because Troy the main character knew exactly what he was doing. He is not a tragic hero of Aristotle’s concept, but he is a modern tragic. he even admitted to it , he was blunt. Hiis story was ending it was more obviously less of tragedy then Eddie' Going back to the beginning it seems as if Eddie is in lack of knowledge because he feels as he's just being overprotective of Catherine because he raised her , so he thinks that his feelings are normal. When I first turned the pages of a “A view From The Bridge” I had a feeling that Eddie was actually Catherine's crush or Catherine's was his crush. The recognition is there for some readers in the first 2 pages but then Arthur Miller covers it up and it seems as if he is in fact just a loving Uncle. In the beginning Eddie will tell Catherine “Listen, you been giving me the willies the way you walk down the street I mean it” when she shows him her new short skirt it gives the reader a sense that Eddie is being flirty and finds Catherine attractive . As things get inappropriate he starts telling her “Katie, I promised your mother on her death bed. Im responsible for...
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