Tragedy brings family together

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Tragedy Brings Family Together
On the morning of October 21st, 2009, my family got a call from the Reno, Nevada Police Department saying Kristin, my sister, had been in a car accident and was immediately taken into the hospital. They did not give specific details as to what had happened; only that she was going to be okay, but a family member needed to get down there as soon as they could. My father got on the next flight he could and I was sent off to school for the day with thoughts racing through my head if my sister and best friend was going to be okay and more importantly, make it out alive. We found out that a drunk driver had drove through her house, landing on top of her sleeping. She and her boyfriend were trapped underneath the car for 41 minutes, while fluids poured into their eyes, car engines scorched their legs leaving them with third degree burns, and the fear of death was racing through their mind. The man was attempting to kill his ex-girlfriends new boyfriend but was too intoxicated to get the right house. After the accident occurred he tried escaping the scene, but was luckily caught by the neighbors who had heard the commotion outside. If it were not for the neighbors, the man could still be on the loose today. On October 30th, my mom and I flew down to Reno, Nevada to stay with her in the Circus Circus Hotel since she had no place to stay, and needed a lot of extra help and attention. From the day of the accident, to the day I got to see her so many things were going through my mind. Is she going to be okay? Will she be the same person she was before, or will she have psychological and physical disabilities? When I finally got to see her though, it was such a relief, but also heart breaking. I was so happy my sister was alive because in all reality, one more movement of the car and she would have been dead. Although my sister looked different, acted different and just was not the same person that is not what the accident made me realize....
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