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Narrator: Recently, the news content became the tragedy happened in a field trip for students in Madlum River, San Miguel Bulacan. Included in the casualty was a 16 yr. old named Michelle Ann Rose Bonzo. In the midst of sorrow and grief, the facebook fan page of MMK was filled with requests to make a love story for Michelle and Hiro Mallari Shiki.

Hiro: Hi Pauline, will you be my valentine?
Pauline: Huh? Is it your entire plan?
Hiro: It is already 3 years that I’ve been courting you. I hope this time you will say YES. I love you Pauline. I promise that I will make you the happiest girl in the planet Earth. Pauline: Ah... You’re kind, cute, sweet, and thoughtful. I try to like you but I can’t eh! Hiro: No?! B-but Why? We also enjoyed right? We always go to your favorite eatery. Pauline: Oh? Isn’t it’s you that offer a free lunch? Sorry ha. But I look to you only as a friend. Pauline: Is it for me?

Narrator: That time, when Hiro was busted. He learned that when it comes to women, do not give it all because you will just ashamed. Prioritize yourself always. So that’s why after he embarrassed, he make himself handsome. So when he became college, he joined in a dance group and performs anywhere.

Hiro: Hi Grandpa! Good morning!
Grandpa: Good morning! Oh! I awaken you because your class today is early. Isn't it? Hiro: It’s alright grandpa. If there's something i miss I can easily chase it! Grandpa: Do not let yourself ah! And your studies especially always remember the misery of your mom in Japan. She worked and she also suffering severing you. Just to give you a good life. Isn’t it? Hiro: Eurika is with her so she was not sad there.

Grandpa: Son, Eurika is including those… because she is a Japanese citizen and her father… is Japanese. But after all if your mom asked to choose. I know she prefers to be with you. You also know it? Ok I’ll go ahead! Promise me that you will enter to school. Hiro: Promise po! Good bye Grandpa!...
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