Trafficomic Istanbul

Topics: Road, Istanbul, Economics Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: September 22, 2011
In today’s contemporary world, traffic jam is a disgrace for most of developed metropolises. These metropolises always try to find a solution for the traffic jam. People in Istanbul which is one of these metropolises are accustomed living with this traffic chaos. Recently, the third bridge has been discussed as a solution of traffic problem in Istanbul. Government approves and supports the constructing of the third bridge. However, although the third bridge in Istanbul might be seen as a solution for the traffic jam, it should not be constructed whatever the situations are. Proponents of the third bridge assert that the third bridge might solve the traffic problem of Istanbul. It is the contention of these supporters that the third bridge increases the road opportunities for drivers. They also believe that it is thanks to the third bridge that the traffic in the other two bridges of Istanbul can be reduced. However, this idea can not go further than being an immature claim because the third bridge will be unsufficient help for traffic jam. The third bridge has much more longer road than other two bridges for travelling Asia and Europe continents. According to previous general director of highways Coskunoglu (2010), the third bridge do not contribute the traffic problem in the city. It is not a solution. Anyone who does not have to use this road does not prefer going approximately 60 more kilometers. (para 6.) Thus, the third bridge causes waste of time and increases gas consumption. Moreover, only long and big devices use the third bridge. The head of chamber of city planning, Turgut (2007) emphasizes that transit pass is indicated as the main reason of traffic problem in Istanbul in order to build the third bridge. However, there is not too much transit pass on the bridge when the traffic jam reach the peak. In fact, transit pass is around 4-5 %. In other words, transit pass does not lead to the real traffic chaos. (para...
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