Traffic In Manila: Who's to blame

Topics: Road, Traffic, Government Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Traffic In Manila: Who’s to blame?
Traffic nowadays is inevitable. It becomes part of our everyday life. You always see faces of people who are worried to be late at school, at work, meeting or special event which makes them look at their watches frequently. It is not something unexpected today. It is a major problem that has never been solved until now and only continues to worsen. What creates this problem? What are really the solutions to this? Who are to be blamed? I’ve already seen lots of people complaining about the heavy traffic they encountered going to school or at work. Each person has their own opinion of what really causes traffic. They blame the MMDA, LTO, the private vehicle, the buses and the jeepneys. People blame one another. They forgot themselves. They forgot to look at their own acts. They always put the blame on others and never thought that maybe the real problem is within them. The pedestrians blame the government for not providing enough roads and facilities, but I’ve seen pedestrian lanes and overpasses on many places and people still choose to take the roads which are only designated for the vehicles. This causes cars to stop to avoid hitting them resulting to traffic. Most of the pedestrians lack discipline. Passengers of PUV’s wait for the bus or jeep anywhere. They are too lazy to go to the designated places for loading and unloading zones so the PUV drivers will stop and get the passengers on the wrong place. Add to that the kind traffic enforcers who tolerate those drivers. The passengers lack discipline too. The private vehicles drivers blame the public vehicles, the MMDA and the poor government infrastructure projects but they don’t see themselves. They are blind at the violations they make. They don’t follow road rules like no counterflowing, parking at the no parking zones resulting to a single line which is supposed to be two. The private vehicle’s population is 78% of all the vehicles in the Philippines. Imagine all...
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