Traffic Congestion

Topics: Pollution, Carpool, Automobile Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: September 21, 2014
Traffic Congestion
With an increasing population and the development of car industries, traffic congestion has raised a number of problems. To define the traffic congestion is a road condition which causes the slower speeds, increased queuing, and longer trip times (Weyns and Danny, 2007). Traffic Congestion is troubling for individuals because it will lead to a variety of social and environment problems. It will also have deleterious effects on the nation’s economy because of the long-term loss of effectiveness and the costs to government of dealing with the air pollution. Action is therefore urgently required. This report will identify the effects and implications of the problem of traffic congestion, analyse the causes, and suggest possible solutions. The impact of traffic congestion in China involves economic issues for both people and the government. In some big cities in China such as Shanghai and Beijing, there are heavy traffic congestions. The government is finding effective solutions to alleviate the situation. However, the fact is that the price of car license is very high, even higher than purchasing a car. This makes people who really need a car hard to afford it. Although the price of private cars is increasing, the sales of cars has never dropped and grown rapidly instead. Furthermore, the government is also thinking about investing in more infrastructure to reduce traffic congestion. In city centres, there are no space to build new roads, expand more money to repair the existing roads, which would reduce the traffic congestion efficiently while it will encourage people to buy more cars and will make the problem worse.
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