Traffic Accidents

Topics: Tram accident, Accidents, Crash Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: October 28, 2008
Many people in the economy today should be aware of distractions that cause most common traffic accidents. Most traffic accidents are caused by the use of the cell phone, the use of the car system, and the way the driver feels while driving a vehicle. The most common traffic accidents are caused by distractions.

First, the most common traffic accident is the use of the cell phone while driving. While driving, answering a phone call could be troublesome. For example, Someone calls, then the driver is struggling to get his or her phone from their pocket. While trying to get their phone, the driver takes their eyes from the road for a couple of seconds, and the driver could end up hitting someone else by accident. Talking on the phone is also a dangerous factor while driving. An example for this would be talking to a family memeber or friend, and then you get too caught up on what your talking about, and your mind is wondering else where when you should be focusing on the road which could also cause an accident if you are not careful. The use of a cell phone is a risky choice while driving a vehicle.

Another common traffic accident is the use of the car system. Changing the channel on the radio can cause an accident. For example, the driver is looking for some good muic to listen to, but can't find nothing that he or she likes to hear. The driver keeps changing the channel on the radio, not focused on the road. This can cause an accident. Loud music is also a distraction while driving. For example, Listening to loud music could distract your hearing to other important matters, such as, a siren coming from a police car, an ambulance or fire truck. This could cause the driver who is playing loud music to not move out of the way when the siren is on, which may cause the driver or other drivers on the road to crash. The use of the GPS can also cause a accident. For example, the driver is searching direction while driving. This could cause an accident because the...
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