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Tradition can be both useful and harmful. Consider some of the ways in which it is an obstacle to progress. Tradition is some ancient practice built into the fabric of any society. Every nation and every society has got its tradition. Thus when a Westerner shakes hands with a friend or an acquaintance, or a musalman says 'salam' it is in the best of traditions. Traditions may speak of good breeding. Tradition is reflected in one's manners. Traditions help in the free and unobstructed flow of life. Traditions are almost an unwritten code of life. Thus if a good Christian family says the Lord's Prayer before taking food, it is a good and fine tradition. Tradition is found in all walks of life. It is found in the market, in the assemblies of people, in the councils of governments and so on. Traditions are carried down from generation to generation. The mother or the mother-in-law is the jealous keeper of the tradition at home. We speak of parliamentary tradition and every parliament has set up very healthy traditions.

To keep up traditions means following rituals which have become part and parcel of life. Rituals make life more meaningful. There is no human activity without rituals. People guard rituals very jealousy. Some rituals may be meaningless but they make life enjoyable. Even putting on a button or combing one's hair has been reduced to a ritual.

Traditions and rituals are very common among militia. Every regiment, every rank in the army has some tradition. What is common in the navy may not be there in the army. The traditions of the Air Force are different from those of other wings of the defense forces. Traditions help to identify people. Thus one can easily identify if a man is a Hindu, a Muslim and so on since beliefs and traditions go together. But there is no denying the fact that these traditions are slowly disappearing with the advance of civilization, modem modes of travel and life in flats.

There are some good traditions which should be...
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