Traditional vs Oo Programming

Topics: Object-oriented programming, Programming language, Subroutine Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: June 8, 2013
Software programmers are concerned with building of robust and dependable programs (Bond, 2010). Just as any other engineering field will use tested methods to solve complex issues in their discipline, software engineers will use established methods to solve problems by building more efficient methods and minimize errors (Bond, 2000). As the demand for robust programming methods has grown, so has the discipline. Although quite different, Structured and Object-Oriented programming methods provide advantage and disadvantages that make both methods important in the software industry. Structured programming provides the benefits of ease of writing and ease of debugging while not considering reusability and data hiding/corruption. Object-Oriented programming on the other hand, provides the tools for reusability and data hiding while delivering complexity and making it harder to debug. Structured programming exists based on the following methods: breaking a large design into several smaller pieces, working on each piece separately, and repeating the process until each part can be solved independently. This method/approach is also known as Top Down Design (Bond, 2000). Structured programming can also be understood as a process to create and organize programs using hierarchical modules, each containing a single entry and exit point (Bond, 2000). This makes the program easy to write as the statements are designed such that the behavior is predictable. It is also more intuitive to the programmer while solving a particular type of problem (Bond, 2000). As structured programs are easier to write, they are also easier to debug. This is because each module is written to accomplish a task and can be checked individually. Unstructured programs on the other hand, consist of a series of instructions that are not assembled in order to solve certain issues (Flask, 2010). The logic of these programs is highly disordered, creating difficulty for programmers to follow the structure of...
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