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Traditional Training Methods

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Traditional Training Methods
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Traditional Training Methods
While today’s organizations have a variety of training methods to choose from, the traditional training methods are holding strong and true. Technological advances have changed the way training occurs in many organizations. With the use of technology, employers have begun to charge into new frontiers in the training arena. A study on this topic still shows that “with 203 usable responses obtained. The results suggest that despite optimistic predictions, high-tech training methods have not been widely adopted, and use of these methods is expected to increase only modestly in the next several years” ( Erffmeyer. 1992). Proving that still, with all the advances, many organizations opt to use the tried and true methods of traditional training.

Instructor led classrooms are still seen in organizations. Classroom type training in which a trainer stands in front of the room full of trainees is still a viable way to get training done. Hands on techniques within the training classroom can also be a valuable traditional training tool to help professional development students get the training they need to become effective and efficient workers. Things such a dry erase boards, over head transparencies and storytelling are still effective tools in the professional and traditional training classrooms. A very effective technique is when the story telling method is utilized, trainees can ask questions and communicate with the instructor in non-threatening environment. It also gives trainee students the opportunity to assure they are fully understanding the information they are presented, with immediate responses to their inquisitions. Instructors can also utilize a variety of technology based methods such as power point presentations and video training. With this use of technology, instructors can use both the advantage of technology and the storytelling technique in the same training session.

There are many advantages to these traditional training methods. For organizations with a large staff, these traditional training methods can be presented to large or small amounts of employees. Whether the classroom size is big or small, traditional training methods are equally effective. Personal training offers quite an advantage, learners can be engaged directly with the instructor. The trainer can also use motivation techniques in the class to help keep the room active and alert. This can include playing short games, or providing refreshments and breaks. The face to face classroom allows the trainee to see the trainer as a real relatable person, not just a voice or paper grader on the internet. For many organizations rational training methods are much more cost effective then providing online based training which can be very costly. When comparing traditional methods to new training methods, “results indicated that both types of training had significant, positive effects on learning. The no-treatment (virtual) group averaged 61% correct on the post-test learning measure, whereas the IL-based group and the traditional group averaged 71% and 75% correct, respectively” (Bretz, 1992). Even with proven results, there are still down sides to the use of traditional training.

As with any method of training, traditional training also has its unique disadvantages. In a traditional face to face trainer, only what the trainer knows can be learned. If the trainer is not fully knowledgeable on the subject, the training and trainees will lack. The training depends too much on the trainer and their presentation and knowledge of the subject material. Also, in very large organizations with different branches and different shifts, getting training scheduled can become very difficult. The trainer may be forced to conduct several different training sessions which may take away from the effectiveness of the training, as presenting the material to everyone at the same time has many advantages.

As with all training methods, there are advantages and disadvantages. Each company must weigh the benefits and disadvantages to figure out what will work best for them, in their unique companies. For many companies, traditional training methods are still widely used and preferred. In the future, this may not be the case. However, likely the replacement of traditional training will take from and use ideas from the various traditional training techniques.

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