Traditional Shopping vs Online Shopping

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1. Traditional and online shopping environment
In the traditional shopping, one has to leave home, either walk or take a ride to a particular location in order to buy what one wants. There are many ways of traditional shopping such like shopping at shopping center, outlet village, markets or department stores. However, online shopping has been developing at a fast rate through recent years and more and more people are moving towards this mode of shopping. The online shopping is typically done at home or office that you could convenient use a computer to search online.

2. My Traditional and online shopping experience
2.1 Online Shopping Experience
Online shopping offers me a greater selection at my fingertips with no waiting in lines, saving time and energy. Whenever I want to shop online, I just need my laptop, a cup of coffee, and I can shop at my own comfort and convenience at home on my comfortable bed.

I usually shop in G-market as they offer a huge range or products from lifestyle to fashion clothes to accessories, and even travelling packages. I personally like to buy clothes there due to the wide varieties with clothing design from different countries with different style. If I were to buy a formal and an informal shirt together through traditional shopping, I would probably need to shop at 2 different outlets to get the shirts. However if I were to shop online, I could get the 2 shirts at one go with a just few clicks.

When I shop online, it will just take me about a minute to log on to the Internet, and another minute or two to access the website of the store I want to shop. As for the time to select the items I want to buy, that would depend. I could spent about 30 minutes to an hour to choose slowly, as since I usually does my online shopping at home, at time I would just pause to get a cup of drink, go to the toilet, or chitchat with my family awhile and ask them for some opinion, and so all these would take up a little time. After deciding and finalizing the item I want to buy, I would take probably about another 5 minutes more to fill in the information about my payment and get a print out of my receipt. Adding on, the World Wide Web operates for 24 hours, from Monday to Sunday for one full year, hence I can shop anytime I want without compiling with the retail timing for traditional shopping. It also makes it very convenient nowadays via Internet to share information through chatting or discussion forums to help others or myself make good shopping decisions.

2.2 Traditional Shopping Experience
On the other hand, I do enjoy traditional shopping at times as well and would prefer to go for traditional shopping when buying certain products, especially the branded and the more expensive ones. In online shopping, usually a group of my friends and I would create one account and everyone will share that account to purchase our stuffs. As we usually shop online at our own home, it doesn’t gives us the experience of getting together and have fun. However, I totally enjoy the leisure and experiential side of traditional shopping, and the full sensory experience that takes place in a mall environment and at the point of sale, together with my group of close friend where are many bonding and interaction involved.

Traditional shopping allows me to see the actual product before purchasing it. When shopping online, it’s comes to everyone concerns when the product that we bought is of a different size, color or material. It is a very important virtue to purchase the right product. This virtue of traditional shopping makes sure the deal is a safe one.

I usually shop around the town area along orchard road in shopping malls like ION, Somerset 313 and Plaza Singapura, in clothing shops like Top man, Zara, and Fred Perry. Those brands are more of a middle – high end brands and I would definitely feel more comfortable purchasing these items in traditional shopping as I get to feel the texture, and try them...

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