Traditional Project Delivery Method

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Project Delivery Method
The selection of a project delivery method is likely to be influenced by an array of things including – Standard/common practices used by the principal i.e. if the delivery method worked well in the past then why change it. The uniqueness of contracting roles and responsibilities.

The level of documentation available before contracts are entered. The difficulty of meeting at a contract price.
The lender’s preference (to protect their investment).
After thorough comparisons of various project delivery methods such as the traditional method, design and construct method and in house development method I came to the conclusion the best option would be the traditional method of project delivery. Traditional project delivery is the most frequently used method for construction projects. Using this method, the owner, designer and contractor are the 3 main parties of the structure. If a project manager/construction manager is involved in the process, the designer may assist the owner in administering the construction contract, including determining project progress for payment reasons.

Reasons for the use of a Traditional project delivery method: This method has been the standard delivery method for many years in comparison to other methods therefore it is widely applicable, well understood and has well establishes and clearly defined roles for parties involved. Because the completion of plans and specifications is done before the award, the main contract allows the owner and contractor to make relatively accurate estimates in relation to the cost and time of the project. Other methods such as the design and construction method of project delivery make it difficult to estimate cost of a project due to the lack of documentation. Because this is a warehouse there will most likely not be any difficult design issues in relation to its construction BUT if there were, the risk would be low because sufficient time has been provided before...

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