Traditional Offline Business Models

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Traditional offline business models have been adapted for the internet but remain very similar online as to the offline world. In essence all models provide some form of product or service in exchange for financial reward. However not all online business models are equal. Selecting the right model for your online business warrants careful consideration because each model requires different skills and time commitments to operate. Not all models will suit you or compliment your business interests. Also, you will discover that different business models will appeal to you at different stages of your career as an online marketer. Auction Model

Love a good garage sale? Are you an expert or enthusiast in a certain field? Are you a wholesale or retail merchant looking for an additional sales outlet? Or were you already familiar with buying and selling your wares at the traditional auction houses before the advent of online auctions? You may well enjoy the global reach of online auctions.

Many people have made a lucrative online income by selling goods through auction sites such as eBay. An enormous amount of information has been written on building a successful eBay business. So if this interests you, create an account and dive in. E commerce Model

The home of the online shopping cart. Standard requirements for this model are a merchant account, enticing pictures and descriptions of your wares, a shopping cart and a secure method of payment. You can sell your own range of products or opt for a dropshipping model. Dropshipping is where your site takes the orders and another merchant fulfills the orders on your behalf. With dropshipping you don't need to worry about taking care of inventory or deliveries. Subscription Model

Create a website packed with interesting information on a particular niche then charge a membership fee to access the site. Create a 'free to access' website packed with information on a particular niche then charge a membership fee to access a...
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