Traditional Foods for Chinese Festival

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Chinese Food: Traditional Foods for Chinese Festival

Chelsea Yu
15th, Sep, 2012
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China is famous for foods, especially which must be prepared for traditional festivals. These foods are made with traditional recipes and related to their meaning, ancient legend or historical story, which are passed along generation to generation. Among these traditional foods, “Nian-gao”, ”Yuebing”, and “Zongzi” are representative. “Nian-gao”, a kind of traditional food with its own recipe, is also called rice cake or New Year cake, which must be prepared for the Lunar New Year because of its meaning. In the Spring Festival, people from different regions will cook rice cakes in different ways according to their customs. There are various kinds of famous rice cakes in different territories, such as: white rice cakes made of millet in the northern China, yellow rice cakes made of coarse rice in Saibei region, white New Year cakes made of rice in the regions south of the Yangtze River, and the sticky cakes made of sticky rice in the regions in the southwest China. Moreover, people also have different flavors of rice cakes. People prefer steamed or fried rice cakes in the northern China, which are always sweet while residents in southern China still like stir-fried rice cakes and salty cakes in soup. In addition, the food “Nian-gao” has special meaning. The pronunciation of it in Chinese is similar to the Chinese blessing words that mean prosper for the next year. People believe that they will be better in the coming year after eating the New Year cakes. The second traditional food is “Yuebing”, which is well-known as the name “Mooncake” and the related legend. It appeared in the Tang Dynasty as a sacrifice for the emperor at the Mid-Autumn Festival and changed to be popular traditional food. “Yuebing” is always classified by regions, flavors, fillings, and exteriors. The most common “mooncake” comes from Guangdong...
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