Traditional Family In The 1960 S

Topics: Mother, Father, Parent Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: January 15, 2015
The roles of parents have radically changed since the rise of the industrial revolution and the development of new technology. Firstly, due to the affluence of the late 20th century and the inflation in house prices, parents were in need of money and therefore, to do so, both parents needed to work. Parents work for long hours and consequently spend very little time at home, and therefore with their children. The role of a parent to be a role model, an example to the child has now changed. As children hardly ever see their parents, they are not influenced and directed/lead by their parent (which is supposed to be their role). Previously, the mother was always at home as she was seen to be a housewife whilst the father works. This made it possible for the mother to raise her children and to be in charge of his academic and religious education, health and material needs. (=her role) However, now this has all changed. Today’s mother will have a much simpler role as her child’s education will be taken in charge by the school, their health by doctors and the material needs by shops and stores. This results as an easier role for the parent. Nevertheless, instead of taking care of their children, parents have found maids and babysitters to do their job for them, being replaced and losing their role. The parents therefore hardly raise their kids anymore as they spend such little time with them. This shows how parents have now lost an important part of the role. As a result, the parents do not fulfill their role, which is to give the child parental and emotional guidance as well as discipline. (2mins)
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