traditional culture in brunei darussalam

Topics: Internet, Brunei, Internet access Pages: 4 (1222 words) Published: March 23, 2014
Media acts as a medium which can connect the society throughout the world. There are several forms of media which can be categorised into three, namely broadcast, print and web media. Despite all of the three categories of media, web media is now considered more reliable for the society. By means of gadgets and Internet connection, people can easily access web media. In Brunei, about 60% households have Internet access (AITI, 2010). Hence, web media brings large benefits to political, economic and social aspect. Although web media gives benefits to the society but it is undeniable to consider that web media may give threats on shaping the public opinions as well as into Brunei traditional culture, as the identities of traditional costumes are shifting, the more interest in modern games and lack of attention towards the traditional foods.

The wearing of traditional costume is progressively reducing due to business online and watching online video from web media. A considerable number of Bruneians are using web media for commerce since it is a convenient way to explore the domestic and international online business. According to Internet World Stats: Usage and Population Statistics, in 2010 the Internet users of Brunei are estimated 318,900 (Pelita Brunei, 2013, April 13). Nevertheless, because of the significant amount of international online business compare to domestic's, local tend to purchase from international online business which apparently, large quantity of foreign clothes will be display online such as in eBay, eBay is the world's online marketplace with a global customer base of 232 million (eBay,2007). In eBay, it has various fashions of clothes with low prices which might attract the customers. However, this threat could be control by making our local website business more efficient. The young generation could also collaborate with the old generation to sell Brunei traditional costume by web media. Another threat of web media to Brunei traditional...
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