Traditional Communication

Topics: Money, Inheritance, Death Pages: 4 (827 words) Published: August 28, 2013
(Form COS 540)Annexure-C
(Letter of Indemnity with respect to payment of Balance in the Deceased Constituent’s Account without production of legal representations)

The Branch Manager/Chief Manager/Asst. General Manager
State Bank of India, Mulund (W)

IN CONSIDERATION of your paying or agreeing to pay us,
Insert here the 1) Mr Clifford Leeks
Name(s) of the

The sum of Rupees _____________________________________________________________ standing at the credit of Saving bank Account No 10595559806 & 1059555981-7 with your bank in the name of Shri Kenneth J. Leeks & Smt. Myrtle H. Leeks, since deceased, without production of Letters of Administration or a Succession Certificate to his/her estate or a Certificate from the Controller of Estate Duty to the effect that estate duly has been paid or will be paid or none is due we,

Insert here the 1)

Name(s) of the 2)
Surety (ies)
do hereby for ourselves and our heirs, legal representatives executors and administrators, jointly and severally UNDERTAKE AND AGREE to indemnify you and your successors and assign against all claims, demands, proceedings, losses, damages, charges and expenses which may be raised against or incurred by you by reason or in consequence of your having agreed to pay / or paying me / us the said sum as aforesaid.

Signed, Sealed and delivered
By the above named on this
Day of _________________ two thousand ____________

The above named
1. Shri Clifford J. Leeks 2. Smt. Sarah Jonas

(heirs / claimants of the deceased)

The above named

1.__________________________ 2.__________________

(Form COS 539)Annexure-B

I/We (1) _______________________________ Son of _____________________________ and (2) ________________________________ Son of...
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