Tradition Not an Obstacle

Topics: Religion, Human, Luck Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: May 28, 2012
In this fast moving world everyday the lifestyle of human being changes to a greater extent.Every minute man invents something new to have a better standard of living but the more we are advancing the further we are being trapped in the conflicts between past and future between tradition and monerity. 

Tradition can commonly be defined as the ritualistic practice that are passed on generation from generation.Tradition are practiced in many distinct forms.They are passed through society,family and individual influences.Some traditions are based on relegious beliefs,other may provide understanding of a particular culture,whichever way a tradition is learnt it will always define the principles of customs for the people who practice them. TRADITON IS A FABRIC WHICH BINDS US FROM OUR FOREFATHERS AND ANCESTORS Not all traditions are good. For instance, attributing chicken pox; measles and smallpox to evil spirits is to be condemned. Very often traditions smack of superstition. Walking under a ladder, spilling of salt from a jug, and throwing shoes for luck are all meaningless. Even discerning people carry mascots as a protective force. Where traditions verge on superstition, they must be done away with. But those who help in the upkeep of beauty or any significant culture must be preserved. Traditions of honesty, truthfulness, straightforwardness, and integrity will have to be built and cherished. Traditions are like the colour and fragrance of a flower. They either attract or repel people. However traditions keep coming and going though, good traditions may stick on. After all when all has been said and done, traditions are essentially a human institution. TRADITION IS LIKE A COIN IT HAS TO SIDES A BAD WHICH IS RELATED TO IN HUMAN PRACTICES AND SUPERSTITIONS AND A GOOD SIDE WHICH REVEALES THE BEAUTY OF LIFE AND THE WAYS TO ENJOY IT TRADITION PROVIDES US WITH FESTIVALS LIKE DIWALI ,HOLI,RAKSHABANDHAN,NAVRATRI,CHRISTMAS AND LOTS MORE THERE IS A LOT OF POLLUTION...
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