Trading Places with a Divergent

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Trading Places with a Divergent

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to trade places with the main character of your favorite book? For the main character, Beatrice “Tris” Prior, she faces many dangers trying to find the real meaning of being one of the most dangerous types of people; Divergent. The idea of trading places might be a great experience to some people, and a frightening thing for others. But as for me, and all the things that Tris goes through, I would not want to trade places with her and face the same kind of danger trials she has been through to fight for her future and the future of her city. Being Divergent is a fatal existence that a person is born with but doesn’t know until they are sixteen and take an aptitude test and have a result for two factions instead of one that decides their future. As for Tris, her Divergence is special because she received an aptitude for three factions, making her a target for the Erudite faction leader Jeanine Mathews to formulate the right serum, “I have determined that you are one of the strongest Divergent… If I am to develop a simulation that [isn’t] thwarted by the Divergent mind, I must study the strongest” (Roth 328). Being Divergent is a dangerous thing to be also because it makes them have a larger orbitofrontal cortex making them risk their lives with selfless acts, “Yet she is extremely good at directing her thoughts and actions toward her goals. This explains her tendency toward harmful-but-selfless behavior and, perhaps, her ability to wriggle out of simulations” (Roth 335). These experiences that Tris went through demonstrate that being Divergent is a powerful ability, but also a dangerous one. Although being Divergent is dangerous, it can also help the person in simulations. Instead of being controlled by a simulation, people that are Divergent are able to wake up from it and change it to where they aren't affected by it, "All I know is that I'm always aware during simulations, and...
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