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Topics: Management, Leadership, Political philosophy Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: October 24, 2012
I believe one of the “must have” managerial skills for a Store manager of Trader Joe’s is leadership. Leadership is very critical and important; it is the ability to motivate other employees towards common goals, like providing great costumer service or building an effective work team. Basically, employees will follow the lead of a store manager and if the skills of the manager are effective, it will result in successful performance of the department. Also, a good leader is always looking for new ways to make improvements inside or outside the store. Even though store managers may face difficult situations or need to handle problems with employees, it is important to make a decision based on the information, stick with it and deal with the consequences. Some of the risks that international ownership and global events pose for Trader Joe’s performance efficiency are political and economical. Trader Joe’s has to follow political changes, because they won’t be able to operate effectively when the government has a negative impact on individuals in certain countries. Also, they need to be aware of countries financial responsibilities. If a country is not able to meet those obligations, or has negative effects on interest rates or exchange rates, it will be difficult to make international business. Furthermore, in today’s world there is an environmental risk such as natural disasters or environmental pollution that could damage global business as well. There are some important keys a team leader has when raising up to a manager role. One of them is communication. A team leader needs to be able to communicate well to the workers, so they believe in the message and can follow instructions clearly. Additionally, he or she will make an extra effort to step in when more help is needed. It is also essential to build teamwork and have a great attitude towards difficulties among employees and changes in the work environment. If a team leader can create a balanced work...
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