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• The Classic Definition of a Trade Union as ‘a continuous association of wage earners for the purpose of
maintaining or improving the condition of their working
lives’ Coates (1982).
• Hyman (1983) defines a trade union as ‘associations of workers who are already organized by those to whom
they sell their labour power and whose actions they are
designed to influence’.
• According to Cole G.D.H., a trade union is an
association of workers in one or more occupations
carried mainly for the purpose of protection and
advancing the members’ economic interests in
connection with their daily work.

• A trade union is an organization of
workers who have joined together so as
to improve their interests.
• A trade union is an organization of
workers formed to promote, protect and
improve through collective action the
social, economic and political interests of
its members
• A trade union is an organization whose
membership consists of workers and
union leaders, united to protect their
common interest.

• Trade unions are organizations that
represent people at work. Their purpose
is to protect and improve people's pay
and conditions of employment. They
also campaign for laws and policies
which will benefit working people.
• Trade unions exist because an individual
worker has very little power to influence
decisions that are made about his or her
job. By joining together with other
workers, there is more chance of having
a voice and influence.

• The umbrella of trade union known to us
is COTU.
• It represents union in various capacities.
• The core purpose of a trade union is to
negotiate wages and better working
conditions, enforce terms of collective
bargaining, take collective action, settle
grievance, raise new demands on behalf
of its members,regualte relations
between workers( its members) and

The Objectives of Trade Unions
• Secure better wages for workers in keeping with
prevailing standards of living and the cost of living in
the country.
• Secure a share of the profitability of the organization
for their members in the form of  bonus.
• Ensure stable employment for workers by fighting
against retrenchment plans(downsizing)
• Attain better conditions for workers by negotiating for
shorter working hours, leave with pay, social security
benefits and other welfare facilities.

• Enlarge opportunities for promotion and
training of their members.
• Foster a sense of self-respect and dignity
among workers.
• Provide a medium through which workers’
interests and grievances can be expressed.
• Facilitate and corporate in technological
advancement by broadening the
understanding of workers on underlying
• Instilling in members a sense of responsibility
towards industry and the community

Reasons For Joining Trade Unions
The important forces that make the employees
join a union are as follows:
1. Greater Bargaining Power
The individual employee possesses very little
bargaining power as compared to that of his
• If he/she is not satisfied with the wage and
other conditions of employment, he can leave
the job.

Reasons For Joining Trade Unions
• It is not practicable to continually resign from
one job after another when you are
dissatisfied. This imposes a great financial
and emotional burden upon the worker.
• The better course for him/her is to join a
union that can take concerted action against
the employer.
• The threat or actuality of a strike by a union
is a powerful tool that often causes the
employer to accept the demands of the
workers for better conditions of employment.

2. Minimize Discrimination
The decisions regarding pay, work, transfer, promotion,
etc. are highly subjective in nature.
• The personal relationships existing between the
supervisor and each of his subordinates may influence
the management.
• Thus, there are chances of...
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