Trade Union and Coca-cola

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International Marketing

Assignment – I

Assignment Code: 2013MM04B1 Last Date of Submission: 15th October 2013
Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions. All the questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.


1. Distinguish between the ethnocentric and polycentric approach to international Marketing? Under what circumstances is the polycentric strategy a preferred approach for International Marketers? Give examples to support your answer

2.Discuss the critical cross cultural challenges encountered by international marketing Managers? Discuss how these challenges can be addressed by multinational firms?

3. Explain why the Uruguay round of GATT is one of the most prominent rounds of trade negotiations? After WTO replaced GATT - What are the pivotal issues related to Emerging economies which WTO needs to address immediately?

4. Explain the difference between the Theories of Absolute Advantage and Comparative Advantage related to foreign trade? Briefly describe the concept of the Factor Endowment Theory of Foreign Trade? Do you perceive that the assumptions of these trade theories are realistic?

Case Study: Global Environmental Scanning

Google's Problems in China

Google was founded by Larry Page (Page) and Sergey Brin (Brin), who were students at Stanford University, California, USA. While at Stanford, Page logged on to the World Wide Web, looking for a topic for his doctoral thesis. He decided to work on the link structure of the Web. He found that though links from one page to the other could be followed easily, it was important to keep track of the back-links as well. He started working on back links and called his project 'Back Rub.' Brin joined Page in working on Back Rub. Together, they created a ranking system which ranked the links depending on their importance. They came up with an algorithm called PageRank which took into account the number of links to a particular site and the number of links into the linking sites.

Google Meets 'The Great Firewall'
On January 25, 2006, the US based Google Inc. (Google), the world's largest search engine, announced that it was ready to censor the content that it made available in China. Google's Chinese website would be censored by the company itself on the basis of the instructions of the government. Before this, the government agencies in China used to censor the content on Google's site that violated the regulations imposed by the Chinese government on Internet usage and access in China. The topics that were sensitive for the Chinese government included Tiananmen Square, Tibet, the Dalai Lama, Taiwan independence, human rights and the Falun Gong spiritual movement.

Google had been providing services for users in China through its global search engine, which has its servers in the US. This meant that the content had to pass through Chinese firewalls, which often stalled the browser and slowed it down. 

The slowdown was also associated with filtering and censorship carried out by the Chinese government and Internet service providers (ISPs). For this reason, Google decided to place its servers in China and agreed to self-censor the content and let the users know of it. However, human rights activists and advocates of freedom of the press all over the world expressed their displeasure at Google's move.

After censorship, users searching for 'Falun Gong spiritual movement', for example, would be directed to sites and articles condemning the movement; sites that supported the movement were omitted from the search. Google was of the view that after censoring its content, the company's website would become easily accessible in China. The company announced, "In order to...
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