Tracer 480 Sc

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Tracer 480 SC


What is it ?
Tracer 480 EC is a suspension concentrate, with a short residual action acting as a contact and stomach insecticide, with trans - laminar properties for the control of insects on agricultural crops as listed.

Tracer 480 SC EC’s active ingredient is Spinosad (Naturalyte) with a 480 g/l. active ingredient and, placed in the 5A chemicals group for agricultural use in S.A. Manufactured by Dow AgroScience S.A. (PTY) LTD. with registration No. L 6557 under act 36 /1947.

What does it do?
Tracer 480 SC is a very specific type of chemical made from a fermentation process from wild mushrooms. The short residual of the product and the minimal effect on natural predators including predatory mites makes it well suited for use in IPM control programs. Tracer 480 SC sprays are rainfast within 1 hour after application. Apply Tracer 480 SC sprays, with equipment that is correctly calibrated and in good working order that provides full coverage of the crop, for obtaining the best results against the pest trated for. Tracer 480 EC has a rapid knock down action on larva by contact, but contact and stomach action still provides the best results. Tracer 480 SC has some effect on certain predators & parasites in citrus, and Honeybees. (Read the label)

List of Crops and pests on wich Tracer 480 SC is registered. Crops

Thrips ( Various species ) Including
Western Flower Thrip F. occidentalis
Thrips,.( S. aurantii ),

(See Comments for IPM program )

Green Beans & Peas
Table Grapes

Leafminer ( L.huidobrencis)
Tubermoth larva ( P. operculella ) .
Thrips Spp including Western Flower
Thrip (F. occidentalis )
American leafminer ( L. trifolii ) A. Boll
worm ( H. armigera )

Obey the waiting periods on various crops, and follow the recommendation for resistance management as specified on the label.

How and When to Apply:
Tracer 480 SC. must be sprayed according to...
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