Trace Evidence

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Site #1:

Website is run by the National Forensic Science Technology Center.

This website gives a brief description of what trace evidence is. It states “ Trace evidence is considered one of the most diverse of the forensic disciplines because it can include the analysis of paint, glass, hair, fibers, particulate matter, botanicals, explosives, and impression evidence, among others.” It goes on to state how the understanding of trace evidence can be crucial to an investigation. The second paragraph on this page goes on to talk about a symposium in which brought together researchers and practitioners from the United States and abroad to enhance the information sharing of trace evidence. This website also has some very interesting summaries of the presentations given at this symposium under the Presentations/Videos tab.

Site #2:

Website is run by Daryl W. Clemens

The websites editor is also Daryl W. Clemens and the Associate editor is Professor, Dr. Anil Aggrawal.

Website was last updated September 10, 2009.

The part of the website I looked at is called Trace Evidence: Hair. This page focuses on only one part of trace evidence which is obviously the hair. The article begins by describing a case that could not be solved because we had no way of distinguishing the difference between human and animal hair. It goes on to talk about how after the comparison between human and animal hair had been resolved, detectives started looking at dyed hairs. Using hairs as evidence has come a long way. Hair can not be used as the sole indicator of guilt but when its used as a combination with other evidence it can be a very powerful tool.

The rest of this article talks about the collection of hair, and how it can be used as evidence. It talks about the D.N.A which can be found on the root of the hair which can be used to identify people. It discusses the...
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