TRACE Analysis Unit 2 Assign

Topics: Childhood, Sentence, Attention Pages: 4 (639 words) Published: April 23, 2015

TRACE Analysis Unit 2 Assignment 2
Marisol Rivera
EN1420/Composition II
July, 3, 2014
Professor Kustron
TRACE Analysis Unit 2 Assignment 2
In the short Article, I’m bored: What your child is telling you by Linda Morgan, children all over are having issue in expressing their thoughts and feeling when a child says that I’m bored. This two word phrases could mean different things to different children at times. Regardless whether at home or at school when a child says I’m bored the child may be in need of redirection of school assignment, parental attention, direction in implanting a task, project, or any other activity ideas. Today’s many researchers and developers express their concerns that technology takes over a child's extra time. Children and juvenile today instead of enjoying the outdoor playing with friends or having hobby, find themselves caught playing with computer games, and video games like Xbox, PlayStation, and other entertainment systems. Children and teenagers after passing several levels in a game or even moved onto different activities still find themselves bored. So why does boredom persists and what does it mean? According to Leslie Meisner program manager of early childhood development, when a young child says she bored, must often meaning that the child is not interested, or does not like what she or he is doing at a given moment. In addition, Dr. Kassow expresses when a child states that they are uninterest in whatever they are working on it could simply mean they what a parent, guardian, or daycare provider attention. It is highly common that a child would like a mentor or a particular person they look up to attentiveness. In today modern society and advance technology world children and adolescents still need some direction and guidance from parents, guardians, counselors, or daycare provider. Adolescents today still need some extra help and advice in making some decision in what they may want to pursue next to...

References: Morgan, L. (2010, April). I 'm Bored! What Your Child is Really Telling You. Parentmap, ().
Nancy V. Wood. (2012). Perspectives on Arguments (7th ed.). Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.
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