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Total quality management is “a management approach of an organization, centered on quality, based on the participation of all of its members and aiming at long-term success through customer satisfaction, and benefits to all members of the organization and too society” (Wikipedia). This is the definition of total quality management as given by the International Standards Organization, and while the definition provides a vague notion of what total quality management is, it fails to provide any real knowledge of total quality management. Instead, as with many things in life, in order to fully understand what total quality management is, what it’s various facets are, and how it gets implemented, it is necessary to explore first hand how real corporation define and use total quality management. In this paper, I will analyze the way in which the ToyotaMotor Corporation uses total quality management, with a specific focus on the Toyota Production System and the three main tools by which Toyota Motor Corporation manages total quality management.

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[...] However, before going further, it must be noted that total quality management can be applied to a company that produces material goods or a company that provides intangible services, and that the principles of total quality management, as well as the execution of TQM, is different in both cases. As Toyota Motor Corporation is primarily a manufacturing firm this paper will only focus on total quality management as it applies to manufacturing. Total quality management in manufacturing starts with taking a random sample of product and performing statistical tests to maintain quality assurance (Wikipedia). The sample is then tested to identify, and isolate, the causes of any failures. [...]

[...] Under the TPS, Toyota utilizes a just-in-time...

Cited: keeping the web site fresh and inviting (IS Solutions, 2003).
information to the user (IS Solutions, 2003).
encourage them to become prospects for the sales of Toyota cars.The site also
offered data on used cars for consumers (IS Solutions, 2003).
available for viewing by consumers who visit the web site (IS Solutions, 2003).
weather reports, traffic, route planning, points of interest and fuel stops (IS
Solutions, 2003).
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