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Relations with Employees

Human Resource Development/Diversity and Inclusion/Safety and Health/Pride and Loyalty Basic Concepts of Human Resource Development
Basic Concepts of Diversity and Inclusion
Safety and Health
Pride and Loyalty
Human Resource Development/Diversity and Inclusion/Safety and Health/Pride and Loyalty From the beginning, Toyota has had "Continuous Improvement" and "Respect for People" as its pillars, and as its moral foundation the Toyota Way summarized in the five keywords, "Challenge," "Kaizen," "Genchi Genbutsu," "Respect" and "Teamwork." For employees, Toyota steadily promotes various measures including human resource development and healthcare so that the employees could work with confidence, vigor and enthusiasm. Also, under a labor-management relationship based on mutual trust and mutual responsibility, Toyota respects for employees' diversities such as culture, nationality, race, language, religion, gender, age or view/perspective.

Sharing Values
Stability in the lives of employees, and opportunities for self-realization and growth as well as corporate development are interdependent. They are all founded on mutual trust and respect between labor and management, long-term employment stability and open communication. Based on this, the Toyota Way 2001 is comprised of the five key terms as shown at right: Challenge, Kaizen, Genchi Genbutsu, Respect and Teamwork under the two main pillars of "Continuous Improvement" and "Respect for People." This has been expanded to Toyota employees worldwide. Furthermore, "300,000 Person Communication Activities" that raised workplace capabilities through communication improvements has been promoted and expanded.

300,000 Communication Activity
Since FY2009, Toyota has promoted 300,000 Communication Activity with an eye toward various activities to foster a sense of unity as Global Toyota and encourage teamwork. At present, we position 300,000 Communication Activity as a way to develop the foundation for direct communication, and are focusing on the following actions for globalization within Toyota: "Promote bilingualization in Toyota" = Activities to improve the English skills of administrative and engineering employees "Develop IT infra. for info. sharing" = Activities to globalize the Toyota intranet "Form good relationship with overseas local executives" = Effective usage and development of meeting opportunities Toyota continually advances these activities while listening timely and directly to overseas affiliates and responding to the voice.

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Basic Concepts of Human Resource Development
The basis for human resource development is putting the Toyota Way into practice. Toyota is working to develop human resources by seizing times of adversity as opportunities to learn, planning greater enhancement and reinforcement of educational programs based on the five Toyota Way keywords, and on-the-job training (OJT) essential to the progress and succession of building excellent products. Overview of Education

Toyota implements various education programs according to job description and level so that every employee can gain required expertise and skills, pursue Good Thinking, Good Products and promote Kaizen activities. Each employee sets a target and tries to achieve the goal by mastering the global-age compatible knowledge and education and thereby acquiring the skills to build up global quality. Through those efforts, we continuously create products and services that exceed customers' expectations. Practical skills are acquired along with knowledge and theories through classroom lectures. These are then confirmed through practice. Toyota always addresses employee education under the "Genchi-genbutsu*" philosophy. *

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