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The study of Total Quality Management (TQM) originated globally in the Japanese industry in the 1950's. But what exactly is Total Quality Management? How does it impact companies that are striving to become leaders in a global society? What changes have to be made in traditional management styles to accomplish a quality focused management style? This paper will strive to answer all the above questions as well as bind the Total Quality Management into the organization I am employed. Definition of TQM

In order to define Total Quality Management we need to breakdown each entity. When we think of total we envision the whole, the entirety. Therefore everyone must be involved to make the difference. The sum of many each has a role to play in the area of quality. Quality means to conform to specific requirements – meeting customer's expectations. Management is the act, manner, or practice of managing. Therefore, Total Quality Management is an organizational culture or attitude that aims to provide and continue to provide, its customers with products and services that satisfy their needs. This culture requires all aspects of the company to "do it right the first time." TQM is the process for managing quality. Impact of Globalization

As indicated in the introduction, TQM originated in Japan in the 1950's. Finally in the 1980's this new found discovery became popular in the West. Now as more and more organizations are looking to grow into the international market arena it has become very apparent that most American companies are already at a disadvantage. In order to be successful in the international arena quality has to be a priority. Japan is already 30 years ahead of American companies in mastering the art of TQM, therefore being a very strong competitor in other areas of globalization. Traditional vs. Quality Management Styles

Traditional management styles may not always been totally customer driven, all decisions were made...

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