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The terms “order winners” and “order qualifier” were invented by Terry Hill, a professor at the London Business School. These terms is defined as the process of how internal operational capabilities are converted to criteria that may lead to competitive advantage and market success.  The operations people are responsible for providing the order-winning and order-qualifying criteria-identified by marketing-hat enable products to win orders in the marketplace. This process starts with the corporate strategy and ends with the criteria that either keeps the company in the running (i.e., order qualifiers) or wins the customer's business.

In a company, “order winner’ and “order qualifier” is very important to maintain the sustainability and quality of the company product in the world market. By identifying these “order winners” and “order qualifier”, not only that a company can introduce a new product or service without worrying about the product is overwhelmed by others’ company product but they can also improve their current product to meet new and updated customer requirements. This step is very important, for keeping a company stay alive and competitive in the world market.

In this report, we will try to identify the order winners and qualifiers needed for a company that produce cars. C.Identify qualifiers with the potential to become order winner D. Weightings of order-winner characteristics

E.Identify qualifiers that are order-losing sensetive
B. identify qualifiers
A. Identify characteristics or criteria
Which characteristic makes a new car product qualifies within market segmentation? Which characteristic make a new-product to an order-winner market segment?
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