TQM about Macau City University

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Macau Polytechnic Institute
School of Business
Bachelor of Management
Total Quality Management
Group Project

Project Member
Alice Catherine Sicilia Bexin


1. Summary-----------------------------------------------------------------3 2. Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------3 3. Background of Study--------------------------------------------------3 4. Methods------------------------------------------------------------------3 5. Results and Analysis--------------------------------------------------4 a) Detailed view of the Survey

b) Overview of Survey
c) The Manager’s Point of View
6. Conclusions---------------------------------------------------------------8 7. References----------------------------------------------------------------9 8. Group Contribution Sheet--------------------------------------------10

This document focuses on analyzing total quality management implementation involved in City University of Macau. The format of this document is listed as following: Introduction
Background of Study
Results and Analysis

Founded in 1981, the University of East Asia has become the first official university, set up by the Chinese people in Macao in its over 400 years of history. The University of East Asia was restructured in 1988 to become the public University of Macau, Macao Polytechnic Institute and the privately-owned East Asia Open Institute (Macau), which was a joint venture of the Research Institute and Open Institute of the former University of East Asia. The Asia International Open University (Macau) was officially renamed City University of Macau in February 2011.       City University of Macau is characterized by a history of 30 years with a population of more than 7,000 students and a comprehensive set of degree programs, including doctoral, master’s and bachelor's degrees. Besides, the University has its traditional strengths in lifelong education, distance learning and Portuguese programs. In 2001, City University of Macau successfully obtained ISO9001 international quality management system certification, and it became the first university obtain this certification in Hong Kong and Macao.

Background of Study
Total quality management has become popular public organizations in Macau, and is widely accepted for its usefulness in reputation building through well-defined quality control. Although applied by increasing firms, the understanding and implementation degree of TQM among these organizations as well as their employees are remained to be analyzed. Aim at this, the document selects City University of Macau, which is one of the earliest organization implementing TQM, to be a sample and study its implementation extent of TQM and employee understanding through it by interviewing.

In order to obtain detailed information about the total quality management implementation as well as participants attitudes towards total quality management system, our interview team has had several tours to City University of Macau in various departments. So far, the team had reached front desk, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences as well as Faculty of International Tourism and Management with an average visiting frequency of twice. Over twenties participants including two department manager and one of its supervisor were approached, while only eight of them responded to the research, meaning a respond rate of far less than forty percent to be carried out. According to the data, we admitted that City University of Macau, especially its upper level participants, applies a conservative attitude on the publicity of its implementation of total quality management system, and reacts fiercely when related questions are being...

References: 1. City University of Macau Website
2. Quality Management for Organizational Excellence: Introduction to Total Quality
Author: D.L. Goetsch, S.B. David
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