TPS User Manual

Topics: Data element, Data file, Data management Pages: 321 (36052 words) Published: December 15, 2014
TPS User Manual

CM No. TPS-UM000-306-20140117
Version 3.0.6
January 17, 2014

Submitted to
Vickie Moore
Contracting Officer’s Representative, Army Human Resource Systems (AHRS) Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS)

Prepared by
HP Enterprise Services
13600 EDS Drive, Mailstop A4S‑D52
Herndon, VA 20171
Contract Number: W91QUZ-06-D-0013
Task Order Number: BA02

Approved by
HP Enterprise Services:
Approved by
Product Director’s Office:

1.1Tactical Personnel System Overview1–1
1.2Minimum/Recommended System Requirements1–1
1.3Installing the TPS Application1–2
1.4Keyboard Shortcuts1–3
2.1Main Menu2–1
2.2Function Toolbar2–2
2.3TPS Menus2–2
2.4.1Application Preferences2–4
2.5Sorting Data2–5
2.6Green Backgrounds2–5
2.7Location Information2–5
2.7.1Uploading Location Information2–5
2.7.2Adding Location Information2–8
2.7.3Editing Location Information2–10
2.7.4Deleting Location Information2–12
3.1.1Manifest Overview3–1
3.1.2Manifest Data Definitions3–1
3.1.3The Manifest Main Window3–4
3.1.4The Manifest Detail Window3–8
3.2Jump Manifest3–37
3.2.1Jump Manifest Overview3–37
3.2.2Adding Multiple Jump Type Codes to a Jump Manifest3–37 3.2.3Printing Jump Manifest Summary3–40
3.2.4Printing DA Form 1306-E3–41
3.2.5Jump Manifest Data Definitions3–42
3.2.6The Jump Manifest Main Window3–47
3.2.7The Jump Manifest Detail Window3–52
4.1Personnel Module Overview4–1
4.2Personnel Data Definitions4–1
4.2.1Process Service Member4–2
4.2.2Process Civilian4–4
4.2.3Process Foreign National4–6
4.3Processing a Service Member4–7
4.3.1Processing a Service Member4–7
4.3.2Searching for a Service Member’s Record4–7
4.3.3Process Service Member: Required Tab4–10
4.3.4Process Service Member: General Info Tab4–13
4.3.5Process Service Member: Qualifications Tab4–14
4.4Processing a Civilian4–17
4.4.1Processing a Civilian4–17
4.4.2Searching for a Civilian’s Record4–17
4.4.3Process Civilian: Required Tab4–20
4.4.4Process Civilian: General Info Tab4–22
4.5Processing a Foreign National4–24
4.5.1Processing a Foreign National4–24
4.5.2Searching for a Foreign National’s Record4–25
4.5.3Process Foreign National: Required Tab4–27
4.5.4Process Foreign National: General Tab Info4–29
4.5.5Foreign National Supported Countries4–32
5.Task Forcing5–1
5.1Task Force Overview5–1
5.2Task Force Data Definitions5–1
5.2.1Task Force Main5–1
5.2.2Personnel Assigned to Task Force…5–1
5.2.3Available Task Forces5–2
5.2.4Vehicle Management5–2
5.3The Task Force Main Window5–3
5.3.1The Task Force Main Window5–3
5.3.2Adding a Task Force5–3
5.3.3Editing a Task Force5–4
5.3.4Deleting a Task Force5–5
5.4The Task Force Detail Window5–7
5.4.1The Task Force Detail Window5–7
5.4.2Assigning Personnel to a Task Force5–7
5.4.3Viewing Records of Personnel Assigned to a Task Force5–11 5.4.4Combining Task Forces5–12
5.4.5Removing Personnel by Individual From a Task Force5–15 5.4.6Removing Personnel by UIC From a Task Force5–18
6.1Crews Overview6–1
6.2Crew Management Window6–2
6.2.1Crew Management Window6–2
6.2.2Add a Vehicle to a Task Force6–2
6.2.3Assign Crew Members6–4
6.2.4Delete a Vehicle6–6
6.2.5Delete a Crew Member6–7
6.2.6Transfer Vehicle6–8
6.3Vehicle Management Window6–10
6.3.1Vehicle Management Window6–10
6.3.2Insert Vehicle Information6–11
6.3.3Update Vehicle Information6–12
6.3.4Delete Vehicle Information6–14
6.3.5Export Vehicle Information as a C-TRN File6–15
6.3.6Import Vehicle Information From a C-TRN File6–17
7.1TPS Reports Overview7–1
7.2Saving Reports7–1
7.3Army Personnel Summary Report7–3
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