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Toyota Motor Corporation is a diversified corporation that sells its automobiles in approximately 200 nations and regions worldwide, focused primarily in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia. Toyota estimates that it employs close to 1 million individuals worldwide, including dealers. Meanwhile The inventory of Toyota has fell down to 4.9 percent per year for the past 14 years, while Porsche performance improved with an average rate of 3.8 percent yearly for the past 18 years.

The European Porsche spent their profit or income on product development, equipment; they also enhanced their relationships with their customers or consumer. While Toyota it’s the opposite of it. Toyota are a strong of the total process improvement pie. But while they are needed, they also are lacking.

1. Toyota is still in supreme in its industry even though there are lots of competitors.| |
Strength| Weaknesses |
* Toyota are a strong piece of the total process-improvement pie.| * Toyota is particularly weak on finished-goods side of operations.| * Superiority in manufacturing engineering and better than average product engineering.| * Slow growth with weak exports and consumer relation.| | * Insufficient attention paid to training employees in such basic.|

1. Reside in external logistics pipeline, where long bad times and high inventories tend to cancel out the greatest loan success in operations.|

1. European Automakers| |
2. American Automakers| |
3. Porsche| |
| |

* Toyota must hired workers that are qualified to the job. * Study their weaknesses and resolve it.

In conclusion Toyota must been hired skilled worker to their company. In this aspect they could be better. Also if they were weak on something or at some point they should at least study what to do to make...
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