Toyota Production System and Case Study Toyota

Topics: Toyota Production System, Management, The Toyota Way Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: July 22, 2013
this discussion, review the case study Toyota: The Accelerator Crisis (Greto, Schotter, & Teagarden, 2010), then respond to the following questions: * Based on strategic, structural, and cultural challenges, discuss the drivers of Toyota's accelerator crisis. Why was Toyota facing a recall crisis? * How well are Toyota's management, employees, and external stakeholders able to support their corporate brand? * Has Toyota effectively managed ethics and public relations in the United States? Who should be accountable for this activity? How could Toyota's crisis management be improved? * What should Mr. Akio Toyota, Toyota's president, do now to restore Toyota's reputation and position Toyota for sustainable competitive advantage? * Has the company lost sight of its long-term philosophy, a key principle behind the Toyota Way? * How many dimensions of quality defined in Chapter 2 of the textbook are not properly addressed in Toyota? Toyota was facing a recall crisis because of a buildup of issues concerning their vehicles. In 2001, the company introduced The Toyota Way, which contained new philosophies on management, manufacturing, and production. Incorporated into The Toyota Way was TPS, or, the Toyota Production System that introduced a way of operating that was too lean for the company’s quick growth. This lean way of producing vehicles lead to the decrease in use of quality parts, thus resorting to less expensive, less quality alternative parts, including gas pedals. In 2010, years after the accelerator issue first appeared, Toyota ended up recalling and eventually halting production on their most popular Toyota and Lexus models due to a sticky gas pedal issue. Unfortunately, six months earlier, an off duty police officer and his family were killed due to a gas pedal sticking in their Lexus. (Russell and Taylor, 2011) Toyota’s management, employees, and external stakeholders should be able to support their corporate brand with confidence, but...
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