Toyota Production Process

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Toyota Production Process
The system of production Toyota is an integral system of production and management arisen in Toyota Company. In origin, the system was designed for factories of cars and his relations by suppliers and consumers, though it has spread to other areas. The development of the system attributes to itself fundamentally three people: the founder of Toyota, Sakichi Toyota, his son Kiichiro and the engineer Taiichi Ohno. The Toyota production system was implemented in Japan during the long period of growth that followed World War II and there would reach its peak in the early sixties. The Toyota system is essentially based on two pillars: innovation in the management of labor in the workshops and internal control mechanisms of the company. In relation to the new work management system based on the procedure called "just-in-time" in the use of "kanban" and the principle of organizing the work agreed standards and flexible timeshares. Just-in-Time — Philosophy of complete elimination of waste Just in time method is a system of organization of production for factories, of Japanese origin. Also, known as Toyota or JIT method allows to increase productivity. Helps reduce the cost of management and storage losses due to unnecessary actions. In this way, does not occur under assumptions, but on actual orders. A definition of the objective of JIT would produce the elements needed in the quantities needed, when it is needed. Kanban

Kanban is a term that is used in the manufacturing world to identify cards that are linked to intermediate or final products of a production line. The cards act as a witness in the production process. But the kanban is the bar code of a product, and that way identify the product by its size, shape, color, object, etc. Just-in-Time has four key objectives are:

* Attack the fundamental problems.
* Eliminate waste.
* Look for simplicity.
* Develop systems to identify problems.

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