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Executive Summary:
This is an analytical and comprehensive approach for preparing marketing plan for Toyota Prius, the hybrid car, consists of formulating strategies and implementing them, with suggestions for recommended changes and implementing the plan. Toyota is well known for its innovative and excellent quality cars all over the world. Toyota has started the hybrid project in about 1991 and launched its first concept in 1997.

It is Toyota that made this revolution of hybrid cars a success story. The Global, 21st century known as G-21 team worked on the Prius. It aims in focussing the target market in Australia, in main cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, etc. the main focus is on the two kinds of buyers in the market, i.e. the private buyers and the corporate and fleet buyers. The distribution is done through the strong network of 211 dealers in Australia. There is proper training to the dealer about the car and its features as its technology is new in the market. This also helps to solve customers’ objections and their queries.

The promotion is done through Medias like television shows, advertisement with celebrity, news paper and magazine. Also through the personnel marketing where the dealer meet and communicate with customers personally. Internet is the modern means of marketing and advertisement.

The costing of the car is issue at present movement. But it could be solved with help of government policy and the company’s discount. As the technology improves the cars will be cheaper and can be affordable by lower income segment.

Table of content
TopicPage No.
2.Mission Statement4
3.Situation Analysis4
3.1.Internal environment4
3.1.2.Financial and non-financial situation5
3.2.External Environment6
3.2.2.Competitive environment6
3.2.3.Economic environment7
3.2.4.Demographic environment7
3.2.5.Social and cultural environment7
3.2.6.Political and legal environment7
3.2.7.Technological environment8
3.3.SWOT analysis8
3.4.Critical issues9
4.Marketing Objectives10
5.Marketing Strategies10
5.1.Target markets10
5.2.Product strategies11
5.3.Pricing strategies11
5.4.Promotion strategies11
5.5.Distribution strategies12
6.Recommendations for change12
7.Implementation plan13

Toyota Motor Corporation is Japanese company and one of the world’s largest automaker. Toyota has created philosophies and techniques which are now implemented commonly in every organisation in the world which is called as the Toyota-style management and manufacturing technique. Toyota is well known for designing and manufacturing of concepts and future cars. Toyota was the first company to manufacture powerful and high quality hybrid car in the year 1997 (Chambers, 2008). Toyota used combination of fossil fuel and electricity for power and manufactured its well known car called ‘Prius’, which gained popularity all over the world within short time. Toyota launched hybrid Prius in Australia in 2001. We will be discussing about the marketing plan of Prius in Australian market and revolution it would create in automotive market. 2.Mission Statement:

Toyota’s mission is to deliver outstanding automotive product and to provide service to their customers. It also aims in enriching our community, partners, and environment. Toyota’s four core values are customer first priority, respect for the people, international focus, continuous improvement and innovation . 3.Situation Analysis:

It is the analysis of the vast amount of information regarding the organisation, product and the situation they are facing (Cohen, 2005). It consists of various environmental factors and experts call it as process of environmental scanning. 3.1.Internal Environment:

It consists of the situation inside the organisation and its internal...

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