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Toyota Presentation

By Skyfhd Apr 25, 2015 421 Words
Japan / Korea Trip Presentation:
Aaron Fyke Yuki Wada
Gary Mi Grace Webber
Tony Palumbo


Headline facts: Toyota
Global auto industry trends
Japanese auto industry history
Toyota company background
– Company history
– Production history
– Business segments

• The Toyota Production System
• Toyota’s strategy
• Our questions for Toyota

Headline Facts: Toyota
• Toyota has annual sales of $120 Billion
• Produces ~5.5 million vehicles per year
• From 56 manufacturing plants across
6 continents
• Employs ~200,000 people
• 3rd largest automotive manufacturer

1998 Production Comparison Chart





VW Chrysler



Fiat Nissan



Global auto industry trends

Economic downturn
Shifting consumer demands
European trade barrier reductions

Company History
• Established in 1937 out of Sakichi Toyoda’s
weaving machine company
• Launched first car (SA Model) in 1947
• “Toyota Production System” formed in 1950
based on Just-In-Time principle
• First global expansion in 1959 at Brazil
• In 1972, cumulative production >10M units

Production History
UNITS (thousands)

Domestic Production

Total Production

1935 1936 1937 1940 1957 1960 1972 1980 1982 1988 1996 1999

Business segments
• Automotive
– Design, manufacture and sales of
passenger cars, recreational vehicles,
SUVs and related parts

• Financial services
– Provisions of loans to car buyers
and car dealers

• Others
– Industrial vehicles (forklifts, etc.)

The Toyota Production System
• Revolutionized manufacturing industry
• At its core is “lean”
– a relentless drive to improve efficiency and
eliminate waste

• Beginnings of TPS were born out of
necessity due to lack of resources in
post-war Japan.

Toyota Production System
Key Main Concepts
– Single Minute Exchange of Dies
– Promoted flexibility of production runs

– Just In Time manufacturing
– Small batches which reduced inventory
costs, tightened relationship with suppliers
and improved quality control

Toyota Production System
Key Main Concepts
• “5 Whys” Quality
– Asking “Why?” 5 times to locate source of
– Stopping the production line whenever
there are quality problems to ensure they
are not repeated

• Low cost supplier
– Long term supplier relationships

Toyota’s Strategy
• Increase competitive strength through
advanced technology
– Environmental technology
• fuel consumption, emission, recoverability

– Hybrid vehicles and next generation fuel
– Cost-reduction efforts
• discontinuation, integration of older models

– Increased emphasis on financial services
and information communication system

Our questions for Toyota
• Current competitive landscape
– Local and global competition (Korea,
Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, GM etc.)

• Future of automobiles
– Development of fuel-cells, integration of
Internet applications and other trends

Japanese auto industry history
• From follower to leader
• From domestic producer to exporter
• Interventionist government

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