Toyota Motor Corporation Csr

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Toyota Motor Corporation

Before I have chosen Toyota Motor Corporation as a company for my case study, I knew it would be one of the Japanese companies. I am very interested in Japan and Japanese people. To me, they seem like a hard working nation of a very competitive spirit, which constantly seeks for improvement. Every time when I would see a group of Japanese business people at airports or at any other location, they would often have their lap tops in their laps and would be doing something productive. I wanted to know more about their biggest leader in the business word – Toyota. I’ve had a chance to drive one of the Toyota’s hybrid cars and was very impressed with their new technology. Up until 30-40 miles per hour, the car does not use gas, but other energy, and barely makes any noise. It feels like driving a toy and, even more importantly, it is very efficient on gas. I wanted to know more about the company, their visions and views, beliefs, different ways they practice sustainability, their philosophy and philanthropy, and other values. Toyota Motor Corporation, better known as Toyota, is the biggest company in Japan and the biggest car manufacturer in the World, just recently passing General Motors. More importantly, it is ranked first in net revenue, profit, and revenue. Amazingly enough, it is the only car manufacturer to appear in the top 10 of BrandZ ranking; that is a brand equity database, comparing over 23,000 that collects the data from costumers, across 31 countries. ( Toyota is also the owner of Scion and luxury Lexus. Throughout 2007, the company produced around 9.5 million vehicles, and it plans on producing 10.4 million vehicles during 2008, which would break all the records. Being the most profitable automaker in 2006, the company earned $11 billion. It is also the 8th largest company of the World, having their factories all over the globe. Most of their assembly plants are located in Japan, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Brazil, and recently in Pakistan, India, Argentina, Czech Republic, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Venezuela, and the Philippines. ( Now that we know it is on of the World’s leaders regarding profit, net worth, and revenue, let’s see if they how big of a leader Toyota is regarding their views on corporate social responsibility. Is Toyota only a profit driver organization or more than that? As state on their web cite, one of their main missions is “to establish relationships and build trust in every client for the purpose of educating and facilitating the purchase or lease of the right vehicle in a timely, professional manner.” ( Therefore, Toyota is a big supporter of Toyota Family Literacy Program, National Center for Family Literacy that help low-income community members, United Negro College Fund that provides 40 annually scholarships, National Underground Freedom Center with donations of more than $1 million annually. Toyota Motor Corporation is also a creator of Toyota USA Foundation. Not only is this giant carmaker a big donator, but it certainly paying a lot of attention to higher education. In 1981, Toyota founded Toyota Technological Institute in Japan, with its expansion during 2003, while opening up Toyota Technological Institute of Chicago. The company supports many educational organizations, such as: Toyota Driving Expectations Program, Toyota Youth for Understanding Summer Exchange Scholarship Program, Toyota International Teacher Program, Toyota Tapestry, and Toyota Community Scholars that is a provider of scholarships for high school students, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Internship Program, and Toyota Founded Scholarship. ( Listed above are just a few...
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