Toyota Marketing

Topics: Toyota, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 4 (1337 words) Published: December 6, 2012
In our research, we came up with four different marketing solutions to assist Toyota in improving its image and to help regain the market share it lost. The first one is to bring back the “Ideas for Good” campaign explained earlier. In order to submit an idea, the innovator must go to the Toyota website. By making more people go to the website, Toyota is increasing brand awareness. The consumer could easily start to research their cars. The “Ideas for Good” campaign also increases brand perception. Due to the recalls and other problems, the public’s perception of Toyota being a trustworthy carmaker has gone downhill. In general, a “campaign calling for public engagement, to communally work toward a betterment, is a great way to bring the focus back to the positives around the brand” (Crandon). We want to be able to pull the audience’s attention away from the past recalls and to turn it towards Toyota’s continuous innovations to keep the world a safer place. As part of the campaign, they could include and briefly explain and show authentic us for at least one of the technologies they successfully converted. For example, they used the technology from the Advanced Parking Guidance System to make firefighting safer so they could show real firefighters using the technology. In order to make it a global campaign, Toyota needs to be able to gain a partnership with a similar institution, it does not specifically have to be a university, but in China, they could team up with China CAMC Engineering Co., “an incorporated company registered with the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China” ( With our scoring system, we gave cost a seven due to the technology already being established and both Toyota and their partner would benefit from the advertising. We gave feasibility a seven because it has already been done and very possible to spread and adapt to a global level. Cultural considerations got a ten due to the fact that...
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