Toyota Case

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catHow Toyota uses 5s
5s in 5 minutes
Developed in Japan, this method assume no effective and quality job can be done without clean and safe environment and without behavioral rules. The 5S are five action verbs (Sort, Clean, Set in order, Standardize and Progress), all starting with an S in Japanese (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke). The name “Five S” now identify this method. The 5S allow to set up a well adapted and functional work environment, ruled by simple yet effective rules. 5S deployment is to be done in a logical and progressive way. The 3 first S are shop floor actions, while the 2 lasts are sustaining and progress actions. Apparently simple, the 5S are a consistent and powerful set. Their correct deployment allows change and progress far beyond just perform cleaning (or order the cleaning to be done). 5S are the solid base, the foundation on which to build continuous improvement, install lean manufacturing tools and methods. They are also an effective lever for change management and empowerment.

Efficient work and quality require clean environment, safety and discipline. 5S are simple, effective rules for tidiness.
Principle of 5S
The 5S are prerequisites for any improvement program. The basic assumption states “wastes are potential gain, eliminating wastes is a gain”. The 5S philosophy is a way of thinking, focusing on effective work place organization, simplified work environment, strives waste reduction while improving quality and safety. There is no chance for efficiency or quality improvement within dirty work place, waste of time and scrap. The five S stand for the five first letters of these Japanese words: Meaning

Seiri Sorting Out
Seiton Systematic Arrangement
Seiso Spic and Span
Seiketsu Standardizing
Shitsuke Self-discipline
It is recommended to start implementing 5S in a well chosen pilot workshop or pilot process, and spread to the others step by step. Lets see how Toyota does
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